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Roof Replacement

ARS General Contracting installs all types of roofing materials including asphalt, cedar shingle, shake, concrete tile, metal, and all low slope or flat roofing materials except hot tar and gravel. All estimates include:
• removal of existing layers of roofing materials, flashings, etc.
• installation of new roof materials selected by the property owner
• painted flashings which make the end product more appealing
• purchasing permits and scheduling of inspections from the governing county or city
• cleaning of grounds upon completion including use of a magnetic roller to collect stray nails.
ARS General Contracting uses the highest quality materials available for all elements of each roofing system. On most roof systems we hand nail the shingles to eliminate improper installation issues. All roofs are constructed to meet current city or county building codes and local requirements.

Roof Repair

ARS General Contracting repairs all types of roof leaks, wind and weather related damage, and deterioration of roof penetrations such as pipe jacks and other seals on the roof. We are experts at diagnosing and locating where leaks originate. Repairs can include: reconstructing the roof correctly, repairing or installing flashings and replacing damaged or missing shingles or tiles. We also patch and seal low slope or flat roof materials. Whatever your repair needs are, you can be sure that ARS General Contracting will treat your home like it’s our own!

Insurance Claims

For a complimentary inspection, call ARS General Contracting at (214) 865-6463 or email us. A qualified specialist will provide you with a certified inspection and an ARS General Contracting Approved Estimate.

Roof Certification

Five year roof certifications are usually required by a mortgage company or individual buying a home to ensure there aren’t any issues with the roof and gutter systems. A certification states that the roof is currently in a serviceable condition for at least 5 years. It can also state that certain repairs have been performed to bring the roof up to a 5 year serviceable condition. As the company providing the certification we are stating that if there are any issues outside of insurable circumstances such as wind or hail we will make repairs at no charge to the new owner.

Gutters and Downspouts

We are expert installers of gutters and downspouts (aluminum, steel and copper). We offer a large selection of gutters and gutter materials in a wide variety of color choices. We also offer an assortment of accessories for gutters and downspouts (extensions, flip-ups, underground downspouts). We provide gutter protection to avoid clogged gutters (leaves, ice dams and other debris).


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